Arhuaca Mochila Blanco


  • Crossbody Arhuaca Mochila hand-woven in sheep wool
  • 100% authentic handmade in Colombia
  • Symbolic and Spiritual patterns full of tradition and history
  • La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia
  • Natural colors and pigments are made from plants, roots, bark, and wood

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Type: Boho style Shoulder/Crossbody Bucket Bag with Draw String Tassels.

Approximate measurements:
Height 9.5" (24 cm) x Width 8.5" (21 cm) x Strap drop 17.5" (45 cm) , Strap width 2" (5 cm)

Material: Sheep wool

The Arhuacos are deeply spiritual people, they are the creators of the beautiful and famous Arhuacas backpacks, these are the most representative element of the Arhuaco people who are increasingly gaining recognition in the Handicrafts market of Colombia. It is not only the intricate and time-consuming technique that makes them so special, but their ancient traditions and the symbolism they represent. The untold stories of cultural history and the spiritual and cosmological significance in each bag expands beyond its aesthetic appeal.

The mochilas Arhuacas or Tutu are a symbol of cultural identity, a piece of clothing and a work tool. They are made in sheep's wool, with different stitches that give particular appearances and degrees of elasticity. Backpacking is a female activity that represents fertility, femininity and the womb. Each design contains a content, a reason for being, and retains the essence of the origin.

The bags generally carry indigenous drawings or representations of animals and other objects of their cosmology. Natural colors and pigments are made from plants, roots, bark, and wood of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

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