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¡ Cultura Chevere !

About our team

This really is a labor of love for us all.  To be an accepted part of these amazing communities and understand the passion and spirit that goes into the art is truly a blessing we are grateful for.  We work directly with the artisans to ensure fair treatment and respect for the art.

Our goal is to make known to the world the talented work created by women of indigenous Colombian tribes such as the Zenu, Wayuu, Arhuacos, and Embera. The artistry is a direct expression and inspiration of their beliefs, traditions, experience and spirituality made with undeniable attention and devotion you can feel.

These crafts are a main source of livelihood for these tribes. We aim to bring attention to these incredible talents and their beauty and cultural significance.  Every sale directly effects the community and advances improvement in living conditions and the preservation of these incredible artisans!  Many struggle to maintain the basics such as fresh water and sufficient food for the families.  In this effort a percentage of all sales goes towards community development in these indigenous areas.  

Every purchase you make with Cultura Chevere is another step of progress, and we seriously appreciate that.  We take these humanitarian efforts very seriously, so a huge thank you for your support.  You can be proud when you wear your products and know that you too are making a difference!

  Thank you for letting us be a voice for this incredible talent and the hundreds of years of cultural tradition being spread around the world.

“Here’s to life!”